Alexander Bird   //   Software Developer

What I want most is to build software in a healthy team — software that makes a profit and enhances lives — and to do that more and more safely and effectively.

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

  • Choose the right tech (not the trendy tech)
  • Find ways to salvage and reuse legacy code
  • Don't solve imaginary problems
  • Build in small chunks; get feedback often
  • Find smaller solutions that achieve the same result
  • Take time to test and document as you go
  • Take time to write code that a human could understand
  • Remove obstacles to the team's collaboration


  • JavaScript, C#, CSS, Ruby, TypeScript, HTML
  • Cypher, SQL
  • Bash, PowerShell
  • Exploring Go, Swift
  • Once upon a time Excel VBA, PHP, Java, C++
  • ...and always keen to learn another


  • Listener
  • Summarizer
  • Discussion facilitator
  • Documenter
  • Humble (team success preferred to accolades)
  • Follower/supporter, as needed
  • Leader, as needed
  • Believes in addressing the people problems behind the technical ones